Hello, Blog Update!

By: GregoryAM Oct 23, 2023
#Development #Featured

So, this really isn't much of an update, kinda.
The entire point of working towards getting a blog on my website was to see if I could do it.

Which is yes... I can.

Since this is my first attempt at creating a Blog UI; It doesn't seem to look the best in my personal opinion.
I sort of rushed to put it all together to slap this online as quickly as possible, when in reality I wanted to take a little bit more time in designing the entire layout. This was because I had different plans in mind for other content that would also be included on the "Blog" portion of the website.

A blog is overall a place to write about informational content or controversal content and not a place for other miscellaneous content like downloads, plugins, software, etc. I've decided to work towards making this UI a lot better to reflect a blog. Even though I will probably talk about Plugins, Software, and Downloads... It's not like it'll just be Blog -> Download. It'll be Blog -> Article about content -> Download at the end 😅.

I have a lot of plans for both gregoryam.com and blog.gregoryam.com.
This is just the beginning.